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If you order before 10pm, you can expect our package to arrive just TWO business days later.

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We’re all about smooth, speedy delivery, so sit tight and get ready to taste the magic!

The shipping cost for our mocktail cans depends on the order size.

Here's the breakdown:

  • If you purchase a 6-pack of our cans, shipping will cost €6.50. We want to make sure your mocktails reach you in pristine condition, so we've calculated this shipping fee to cover the cost of packaging and delivery.

  • However, here's some great news: If you indulge in mocktail madness and purchase cans totaling €50 or more, shipping is on us! That's right, free shipping for orders over €50. It's our way of saying, "Cheers to your mocktail enjoyment and wallet happiness!"

So go ahead, stock up on your favorite flavors and enjoy the convenience of doorstep delivery without worrying about those extra shipping charges. Your mocktail dreams are just a click away!


We're here to ensure your mocktail experience is nothing short of extraordinary!

In fact, we're so sure about the deliciousness of our mocktails that if you don't love them, we'll take 'em back faster than you can say 'mocktail magic'!

Simply keep those cans unopened and unused, and we'll gladly accept returns.

Just send us an e-mail with the reason why you're not satisfied with our products and we'll send you details for the return.

After inspection of the cans, you'll get a 100% refund for the unused cans.

Dietery Needs and Restrictions

Of course you can!

Our mocktails only contain 4,3kcal / 100ml for the Watermelon Mint and 6,8kcal / 100ml for the Tiki Passion.

You can ask any professional for implementing our mocktails into your diet so you’ll finally be able to enjoy the sweetness of a guilty pleasure without the calorie count!

Sip, sip, hooray! 

The answer is a big ol’ YES!

We wouldn’t be much of an expert if we didn’t think of that, would we?

We teamed up with Zùsto, a special company that makes a sweetener out of fibers, so you can indulge in the delicious taste without worrying about sugar.

So, it doesn’t only taste sweet and has (almost) no calories, but it’s actually healthy too!

Go ahead and crack one open, you deserve it! 


If you have food allergies, no worries - you can still enjoy our stuff!

Our drinks are vegan, allergen-free and gluten-dairy free.

And did we mention the natural food coloring we used? Yeah, your food allergies are no match for our products!

We made sure everyone can sit back and enjoy our cans. So why wait?

Go ahead and order a few right now - your taste buds will thank you!


Our mocktails in a can are the perfect option for expecting moms. Unlike alcoholic beverages, our drinks are completely alcohol-free, making them safe and suitable for pregnant women.

If you're still not assured, feel free to consult with your healthcare provider.

Great question! We believe in providing mocktails that not only taste delicious but are also mindful of your health. 

Here's the juicy secret: a whopping 95% of the calories in our mocktails come from the incredible power of fibers. Yes, you read that right! These mocktails are a calorie game-changer. We've cracked the code on creating a mouthwatering drink that delivers a boost of healthy energy.

In a world where empty calories and sugar-loaded concoctions reign supreme, we dare you to find another mocktail that can match the low-calorie goodness and healthy profile of our drinks.

Here's the calorie breakdown for our refreshing flavors:

Watermelon Mint

Each can of our Watermelon Mint mocktail contains 11 calories per 100ml. So, you can enjoy the refreshing blend of watermelon, lime, mint, and our special sugar replacement, Zùsto, guilt-free!

Tiki Passion

For our Tiki Passion mocktail, you'll find 12 calories per 100ml. This tantalizing flavor combines pineapple, passionfruit, ginger, clove, cinnamon, lime, and Zùsto, creating a tropical experience without the excess calories.

Challenge accepted? We thought so. Embrace the mocktail revolution and experience the blissful combination of heavenly flavors and truly healthy calories. Your taste buds and waistline will thank you.

Cheers to the extraordinary and the extraordinary low calorie mocktails that will leave you wondering how you ever lived without them!


We've got you covered with our gluten-free mocktails. We understand the importance of catering to various dietary needs, which is why we've made sure that our cans are 100% gluten-free.

When it comes to crafting our mocktails, we've gone the extra mile to ensure that they're suitable for those with gluten sensitivities or dietary restrictions. You can sip on our mocktails with confidence, knowing that they are free from any gluten-containing ingredients.

But that's not all! We've taken the inclusivity factor up a notch by making our mocktails dairy-free, vegan, low-calorie, and sugar-free too. We believe that everyone deserves a chance to indulge in flavorful beverages that align with their dietary preferences or requirements. So, whether you're following a gluten-free lifestyle, exploring the world of vegan delights, or simply seeking a guilt-free treat, our mocktails are here to fulfill your cravings.

With our gluten-free cans, you can dive into a world of refreshing flavors, knowing that your dietary needs are being catered to. It's time to raise your glass, savor the deliciousness, and enjoy our mocktails with confidence.

Cheers to the perfect blend of taste, inclusivity, and gluten-free goodness! Indulge in our mocktails without any worries about gluten, because we've got your back.


We're thrilled to share that our mocktails are 100% vegan-friendly. We understand the importance of catering to diverse dietary preferences, and we've crafted our mocktails with that in mind.

Our mocktails are completely free from any animal-derived ingredients. We believe in using nature's palette to create vibrant and enticing flavors. That's why we've carefully selected natural food coloring to bring our mocktails to life, without compromising on their vegan status.

Cheers to a vegan-friendly and inclusive mocktail experience! With our vibrant flavors and thoughtfully chosen ingredients, you can sip away, knowing that our mocktails align with your values. So, raise your can and celebrate the joy of guilt-free, vegan refreshment. It's time to revel in the deliciousness that awaits you!


Our mocktails are a delightful treat that kids can enjoy too. Rest assured, they are completely alcohol-free, making them a fantastic option for the young ones.

We understand the importance of providing wholesome and nourishing options for children. That's why we've carefully crafted our mocktails to be a kid-friendly delight. With our alcohol-free cans, your kids can join in on the fun without any concerns.

But it doesn't stop there! Our mocktails also come with a healthy twist. Thanks to our special sugar replacement, your little ones can enjoy their mocktails while getting a dose of healthy energy and nutrition. Instead of relying on unhealthy sugars, our mocktails offer a healthier alternative that parents can feel good about.

So, whether it's a special occasion, a family gathering, or simply a fun treat, our mocktails are the perfect choice for your kids. They can sip away, relishing the vibrant flavors and experiencing a refreshing beverage that's designed with their well-being in mind.

Cheers to kid-friendly mocktails that bring joy and healthy nourishment to the table! Let your kids indulge in the goodness of our mocktails, knowing that they're getting a taste of pure delight without any alcohol content. It's time to raise a can and share a moment of happiness with the entire family.


We understand that when it comes to payment, everyone has their preferred method. That's why we offer a wide array of options to cater to your convenience. Here are some payment methods you can choose from:

  • Maesto
  • Mastercard
  • VISA
  • Bancontact
  • American Express
  • Google Pay
  • Apple Pay

If you have any specific payment-related questions or would like to inquire about alternative methods, feel free to reach out to our friendly customer service team. We're here to make your mocktail purchase as smooth as sipping one of our refreshing flavors.

So go ahead, choose your preferred payment method, and get ready to raise a can of deliciousness to the perfect mocktail moment!


We understand the importance of having an invoice for your records, and we've got you covered. Here's how we handle invoices:

For individual customers:
When you make a purchase, you will automatically receive an email confirmation that includes a detailed order summary. This email serves as proof of purchase and can be used for your personal records. You can simply save or print the email as your invoice.

For company customers:
If you're purchasing our mocktails on behalf of a company and have a registered company number, we can provide you with an official invoice that includes your company information. To request the official invoice, simply send us an email with your company details, including the registered company number, and our dedicated team will gladly assist you. We want to make sure you have all the necessary documentation for your business needs.

At Manhattn Mocktails, we believe in transparency and providing our customers with the necessary paperwork for a smooth and hassle-free experience.

So, whether you're a company or an individual, rest assured that we'll make sure you have the documentation you need.

Cheers to a delightful mocktail experience and proper bookkeeping!


Our shelf life is a solid year - that’s 365 days to enjoy some tasty sips. And get this, we didn’t even need any sketchy preservatives to make it happen. We used a technique called “Pasteurisation”.

To simply explain, "pasteurizing" is heating up the beverage to remove bacteria from your drinks. It's actually a natural form of adding preservatives to your mixture, but without the downsides.

So sit back, pop a cold one, and enjoy the ride (and the flavor)!

Make it a cocktail

No way, Jose! Our mocktails are all about the delightful taste without the alcohol. We're proud to say that our cans are completely alcohol-free, so you can enjoy the flavors you love without any boozy business.

We understand that not everyone wants or is able to consume alcohol, which is why we've crafted our mocktails to provide a sensational experience without the need for spirits. So, if you're looking for a refreshing and alcohol-free option to quench your thirst, you've come to the right place.

So, whether you're the designated driver, abstaining from alcohol, or simply prefer a booze-free beverage, our mocktails are here to tantalize your taste buds without the alcohol-induced side effects. It's the perfect way to enjoy a flavorful and refreshing drink that's strictly alcohol-free. Cheers to the vibrant world of mocktails that keep the party going, minus the alcohol!

We get it, you still think alcohol is going to make our drinks better right?

Actually, you’re absolutely wrong!

But if you insist on adding some alcohol, we would recommend a light colored spirit for the Watermelon Mint (like vodka, rum, gin or tequila) and a dark rum for the Tiki Passion.

Still, alcohol won’t make our drinks better and it sure isn’t going to be good for your diet either!

FYI; Never drink and drive!

(unless you drink our mocktails the right way, without the alcohol)